All over the place

May 26, 2008

Hello hello,

This week is my last free before I start the exciting new job, (which I hope I can handle.) and I’m spending tonight scouring the internet for keygen’s and other geeky necessities. Trying to track down a copy of filemaker pro, if anyone out there can help me!!

On top of that of course I have finally sunk my teeth into I Katamari. The PS2 game. It is another of my not-so-recently-released, recent discoveries. Like OKAMI, Katamari is a cult-classic gem and I ordered my copy tonight for a more reasonable price then JB-HI would offer.

Anyway this is Katamari –

I also found this display of cult love for the game.

My iPhone pic of the week.

Other cool discoveries this week are…

Ice Cream Bunny.

eBoy’s new LA cityscape. Zombies!!

Kozyndan’s new background to a future piece… VIEW HERE NOW!!!

And thats it for tonight!