Check out these amazing sculptures by Dietrich Wegner’s;

Contradictory statements in the extreme, made with some serious expertise.

A kids playhouse made from an atomic mushroom cloud, atomic explosions made from soft poly-fil, and suicide bombers made into child’s dolls.

falling in love.

June 20, 2009

Miss you this weekend Francesca.

I have been a little lazy lately… I’m not sure whether its the cold weather, the long work hours or the release of a whole bunch of geeky gaming goodness – but I have seriously neglected my blog!

That is all about to change !

In fact I have bought myself a domain to make this little wall of scribblings official. I still have a few kinks to work out but watch this space – or more accurately, watch out for – coming soon!

21 now.

Aside from that, there are heaps of things for me to catch up on – blog-wise – My twenty first birthday has been and gone. It was grrrrrreat, one of the best nights of my life. Its semi self-centered, but it was very moving to hear all the stories people had to tell and touching, sometimes embarrassing thoughts they had about me. I don’t think moments like that happen very often and it couldn’t have gone better.

Very cool venue too – the Monte Cristo Room is definitely recommended to anyone looking to add a little class to an event. There were a couple of hiccups through organizing the party, and it is quite a steep price but I wouldn’t have had it anywhere else.

small passions.

Everyone has different interests, of course! And if your lucky, then you get to earn your money doing something that interests you deeply, but the chances are your NEVER going to cover every one of your own passions in your professional life. You got to make good on your hobbies on your own time!! That is what I am trying to do more of… Some things I really have had a gaining interst in are as follows:

  1. Visual effects in film – Creating that movie magic with AfterEffects, Final Cut and PhotoShop.
  2. Architecture – Looking at the great cities of the world and finding out a little about their history and distinctive buildings – and how their put together!
  3. Illustrations – Drawing, making pictures and just being able to pick up a pencil or pen and put something on paper that your happy with. Its a good skill for birthday cards.
  4. Fabric – Getting to grips with the basics of making my own shirts, pants and cardies. Saves money and its always good to do something practical.
  5. Japanese!! 日本語を話すことができますので、私は日本にいるときに学ぶ !!

Those are my top five for the moment. I am excited about learning about all of them – I also want to know what everyone else in interested in.

What are your top five interests you want more time to pursue?

expect more.

and finally, Kindofpretty will be updated DAILY from now on. At least 1 quality post!

Hold me to it!


selection of pretty.

April 1, 2009

Been a good few days since my last post – whoa, sorry about that! I have been bogged down by work and working out the kinks in getting my new shiny mac. It finally happened!


anyway – here are a bunch of pretty little pictures I’ve been saving up:


Tokyo in fractures.

Faded flowers.

Font and Flowers.

Russian Tiger.

Ani me me.


All over the place

May 26, 2008

Hello hello,

This week is my last free before I start the exciting new job, (which I hope I can handle.) and I’m spending tonight scouring the internet for keygen’s and other geeky necessities. Trying to track down a copy of filemaker pro, if anyone out there can help me!!

On top of that of course I have finally sunk my teeth into I Katamari. The PS2 game. It is another of my not-so-recently-released, recent discoveries. Like OKAMI, Katamari is a cult-classic gem and I ordered my copy tonight for a more reasonable price then JB-HI would offer.

Anyway this is Katamari –

I also found this display of cult love for the game.

My iPhone pic of the week.

Other cool discoveries this week are…

Ice Cream Bunny.

eBoy’s new LA cityscape. Zombies!!

Kozyndan’s new background to a future piece… VIEW HERE NOW!!!

And thats it for tonight!