the pacific trailer.

June 23, 2009

The new series of Band of Brothers is coming up. Tom Hanks and Steven Spielburg’s war drama/re-enactment – This is very much a boy show. Girls get lost.

Looks epic…if a little cheesy. Hope its not overly biased.


This is amazing – a promo for the first series of Skins, one of my current obsessions.

This promo is only possible because of the nature of the show. Its completely rough and natural, ruthless and romantic. This promo is exactly that.   brrat brrat brrat


April 23, 2009

I watched two episodes of skins last night that kept me awake for hours, kept my mind re-running over it all the next day.


The begining of Season 2 was a bit flat, but the the last five episodes have been insane. I am utterly crushing on Cassie…and when I think about it, all of the cast. Jal and Cassie’s episodes were eye-wateringly sad. I felt like the inside of my nose disappeared with an awkward, heavy, sadness as Chris went in for his operation. And strangely I felt so in tune with Cassie’s episode.

The whole story was about her battling to find happyness that wouldn’t let her down. But inevitably everywhere she found happyness it all came crashing down. Power, Love, Friendship and Escape* all ended in heartbreak. Kind of a sad truth about life – and what is cool about her is that she is one of few the people who won’t accept that, all the way to the point where it tears them apart.

The story really got to me. 

And I have been waiting to watch the finale since then – I think I am going to watch it tonight, with some fruit treats and roast veges *bleh!*

Wish me luck with it – Its so bad when a show you love finishes (Season 3 does not count).

A couple of my favourite artistic-creator types; John Schwartz – creator of the OC, Gossip Girl and many, many quotes, references and WAYS OF LIFE adopted by my group of friends; and Lykki Li – beautiful Norwegian singer with a tendency to dabble in rap,

have become involved in a (horrible) new show.

Rockville CA.

Granted – it is a WEB based show, it doesn’t excuse the excessive amount of lameness.

Too bad actual real-life, respectable artists are getting mixed up in this – perhaps in the hope of earning some popularity… eesh, I doubt it. Lykki Li will be a guest artist along with Frightened Rabbit, Passion Pit and many more.

What do you think –  Seth Cohan/Dan Humphry fail?