It has been a sad morning.

I found out two hours ago that Michael Jackson – aged 50 – legendary, revolutionary, incredible artist and inspiration has died.

watch from 3:30 onward – this is his first moonwalk.

MJ changed the world. He spread his message of self improvement with every second slamming pop chart-topper. He obviously struggled through his later years, but has left one of the most distinct imprints on the world. I personally grew up jumping to his pop, and I still pepper each of my playlists with several favorites.

See ya Michael, long live.


One of the stars of the movie ‘The Hangover‘ – which I saw and really enjoyed last week – is also the star of a quite alternative version of the clip for Kanye West’s ‘Cant Tell Me Nothing’.

I found it pretty entertaining to check out the video after seeing Zach Galifianakis perform as the awkward and socially inept “one man wolf pack” in Hangover. Plus the sly use of the song in the film was a cheeky little reference.

I know this is old – but is a timeless.

wolfgang amadeus phoenix

March 16, 2009

mmmmm – I’m not in love with the album artwork. It works,  but there isn’t anything outstanding about it.

BUT I have been listening to the album all afternoon and so far – these things can be short lived, or slow burners so I’ll reserve my judgement, but – its a treat. Hoping they will come down and tour in the underbelly of the pacific.