One of the stars of the movie ‘The Hangover‘ – which I saw and really enjoyed last week – is also the star of a quite alternative version of the clip for Kanye West’s ‘Cant Tell Me Nothing’.

I found it pretty entertaining to check out the video after seeing¬†Zach Galifianakis perform as the awkward and socially inept “one man wolf pack” in Hangover. Plus the sly use of the song in the film was a cheeky little reference.

Amazing! I thought that maybe it was getting a little overhyped inside my own head – but actual footage of this film looks cute, insane and slightly spooky. Perrrrfect!

Arcade Fire host the tunes.

[vimeo 3929327]

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ OK FINE! I give up, Sorry your going to have to google this clip yourself. They refuse to let me market their film for them.