oh no – this looks baaaad.TV

March 9, 2009

A couple of my favourite artistic-creator types; John Schwartz – creator of the OC, Gossip Girl and many, many quotes, references and WAYS OF LIFE adopted by my group of friends; and Lykki Li – beautiful Norwegian singer with a tendency to dabble in rap,

have become involved in a (horrible) new show.

Rockville CA.

Granted – it is a WEB based show, it doesn’t excuse the excessive amount of lameness.

Too bad actual real-life, respectable artists are getting mixed up in this – perhaps in the hope of earning some popularity… eesh, I doubt it. Lykki Li will be a guest artist along with Frightened Rabbit, Passion Pit and many more.

What do you think –  Seth Cohan/Dan Humphry fail?


One Response to “oh no – this looks baaaad.TV”

  1. Ilai said

    errr JOSH Schwartz??

    Anyway haha they should of just called this show “Baitshop CA”…

    haha the one thing I do love is the bouncer reading the book lol

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