Blue Food Colouring

February 28, 2009

Is it Poison?

I found out yesterday that blue food colouring has been banned in several european contries, because of its link to cancer and other defects.

Could this be why Francesca Hopkins doesn’t eat blue M&M’s?


3 Responses to “Blue Food Colouring”

  1. Franny said

    yes! it is why you silly boy!

  2. Maybe she eats smarties made by Nestle, who in 2006 removed all artificial colours in the UK in their smarties due to concerns about the effect on children’s health. They have finally found a natural food colouring, cyanobacteria spirulina. But alas, they still use cochineal or carminic acid in their violet smarties, basically made from the carcuses of crushed insects, the shell, basically..’beetlejuice’…

    • echooo24 said

      maybe – what do you say fran? is that the reason?

      Thanks for the ultimately informative reply brother.


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