new york!! new york!!

February 19, 2009

I would really, really, reeeeally like to live in New York City at some point – relitively soon – in my life.

New York is the appitomy of an industrialized, capatalized city.

The island of Manhattan, is entirely covered and cultervated by humans – like a buzzing hive of bees. There is no escaping the city – there are only man-made flourishes of nature, laced between the vast bustling sky scrapers.

And even scraping the sky, in the smoggy atmosphere above the city, people scramble inside and out of buildings high above the street.

The city fuctions on extremes – poverty to glamor – unbearable heat to snow – the flat ocean surrounding the emense buildings.

I really want to get to see how it all works for myself. Its such an extreme away from where I am about to go – Japan, Tokyo – and I really want to see both ends of the scale.

photography, in part by Robert Mann

photography, in part by Robert Mann


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