heatwave auckland

February 12, 2009

Phew –

The last couple of days have been swelteringly hot. Apparently, the hottest in 137/138 years.

1871 must have had a good summer.

Thankfully/Dissapointingly the heat has subsided and were back to regular old 23ºC. No more 8:30pm swims. I’m in two minds weather its good that I can now breath outside of my air con protected office, or weather I liked feeling like I was in the Vietcong.

Oh well, it may become a regular thing, with earth toasting up and all. (I kind of hope so…is that bad?)


2 Responses to “heatwave auckland”

  1. Ilai said

    It is a bad thing bro cause after enjoying it for a year or two we’ll be underwater..

    oh under the sea…. under the sea…

    maybe if we had gills that would be pretty sweet!

  2. echooo24 said

    dude don’t you remember waterworld. we get gills!

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