game: Dead Rising 2 Annouced

February 9, 2009

Earlier this week this virally marketed video was induced upon the internet. Ominously without any branding.

It was announced by Capcom today, that it is indeed a confirmation of Dead Rising 2,  and it looks as though it has been in the works for a while…

Dead Rising 2

The first Dead Rising was a dream for anyone who has ever sat around in a dark, empty house with their friends and discussed what strategy they would use if indeed – the zombie invasion began. The game snatched a lot from a certain zombie flick in particular; Dawn of the Dead, one of my personal favourite films.

The new game is said to have tens of thousands of zombies stumbling up and down the neon lit strip of vega..- FORTUNA CITY.

Can-not-wait to check it out.


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