May 20, 2008


Means I will finally have a little free money lying around! Which means that after i wipe my debts the new toys can start rolling in. That, and I can continue saving for my next visit to Japan in April next year. It’ll be kind of a celebration of my twenty first, and I would rather that then doing a yard glass…

So before all that, I’m excited about my new job! And to celebrate, I’m looking at toys to decorate my new desk!

I’m thinking a couple of these should do the trick!

To be Precise, The middle one, Jon Burgerman, and the right by Tado, Two of my favourite dunny decorators.

These are 8-incher’s and I’m sure will be hard to snatch up when they are released so I’ve done my best to put a pre-order in. Hopefully I can scab them bother for a reasonable price.

To fund that I’m thinking about selling my Golden ticket dunny.

It will look like this when I get it out of its little undistinguishable box:

Its Pretty, For sure, But the fact that its a three inch…

Aside from all that, I spent last night in an arcade with Sig and Roy. It was a lot like this:

All that AND me with my fish buddies in OSAKA.   ><ii>     l’-‘l   <ii><



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