Season 10

May 6, 2008

So me and Fran are back –

Back to old – and new – jobs, back to the ever unpredictable weather and constant roadworks of Auckland. Its comforting really; that nothing has changed.

I jumped straight back onto Underworld to gather up a bit of money to get back on my feet before, hopefully getting back to Uni next semester. That’s the plan.

Fran’s got a new job with the same people that shes loving, up at Wall Fabrics. Employment/Money-wise things kind of just clicked back into place for both me and Fran which is good because I did get back with a few too many Duty Free purchases.

Before anything else I’m going to finish up on how the rest of the trip went. All the details and days that got lost in the absence of decent cyber-cafes in USA.

Just to get you back in the Zone, THIS is Japan.

Shinkansen Travel is unphotographical.

I whipped my camera out just quick enough to snap this mother of all mountains. Fuji SAN

Travel to Osaka was a little edgy for the both of us, we were out of our element.

Here we are in Hiroshima Peace Park.

AND my new plan is to get back to Japan next year at the end of winter but further into spring when we will there for the cherry blossom magic.

We loved it this much!

I guess I’ll occasionally upload more photos from the rest of our trip but i have found my motivation waining.  I think its time to move on to new interests.

Here we have the beautiful Okami. My newest game crush.

A Newish series of rad key rings.

And an amazing animated short by James Jean. Its an advert for Prada.

That will be all.


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