End of the line…

March 2, 2008


So I haven’t been posting many if any pictures while in America, simply because of the lack of computer time, cyber cafes and space on my Flickr account. But tommorow morning (Sunday for us) we leave LA to jet back to Japan, sadly only for about an hour and half…errrr lame. Then we jump back onto a plane to head over to christchurch. and then back up to Auckland. phew 29 hours after leaving we arrive Auckland international at 12:35pm on Tuesday. (NZ time)

 And once I have time and a comp, ill load up the remaining 1900 photos sitting on my mem card. couple of epic events, celebrity appearances and The Ivy have all happened since my last post – lots – but ill leave you with my intense adventures in outer space.




2 Responses to “End of the line…”

  1. Ilai said

    bro you better hook it up with some stories man I can’t wait..

    not that I’m around,

    i moved back to henderson and i;n working 7 days a week. I’m not joking. its nuts.


  2. jamie said

    la japan christchurch auckland! what a wacky journey. can’t wait to see you.

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