Hustlers Grab Your Guns – Shadow Weighs a Ton

February 20, 2008


Photos are finally here! None of our infamous travels on this guy:

 The Shinkansen

Nup, I’ve loaded up a bunch of what we have been up to over the last four or five days in San Francisco.

Were we involved with the Nazi’s?? Really?

After coming through the rather strange customs process, we hit San Fran:

We have been pretty busy walking all around San Anselmo, the area that my uncles Inn is in. We also took the ferry to the city a couple of times and yesterday went on a drive over to Berkley. Great place! Its full with activism and character, I could even tell that from the small afternoon spent there.

Here are a couple of pictures from our second evening in San Fran, when we went up to headlands above the bridge.

Amazingly clear sunset up there…

Franny and the Harbour

The Gang up on the hill, Peter and Kate wern’t around

Long way from Japan



And then there was the city…


Finally in the city, it took me a few days to get out of bed.

On Pier 1. Nice.

Definitly in California now…

Seals at Fishermans Wharf




San Fran Architechture





And thats us in the big city over the last week. Its been cool to see such a contrast of Japan. More on both those places sooooooooooonaaaaaaaaaasssssss!!!

The Taxi we caught home yesterday was the taxi used in Friends (Pheobes Taxi) STARSTRUCK!

And Finally Birkleys Drug Free Zone


4 Responses to “Hustlers Grab Your Guns – Shadow Weighs a Ton”

  1. Annabel said

    Great to see you again and looking heathy. The fast train looks amazing. Fran you look very Californian and look as though you would fit right in – unlike Japan – where you looked so different from the background faces.
    Looking forwrd to the next blog.

  2. Ilai said

    these look like model shots.. you guys are pretty much hot.. hey max your begining to look like jonathan creek again! hair cut? i’m just saying – but not saying..

    dude.. those house DO look like the ones down at my end of John St! I knew those were san fran houses.

    I saw Roy last night at bss – he misses you – we were drunk together and kissing it was awesome..

    man anyway Imiss you. come home.

    love you both xoxo…

    gossip girl

  3. jamie said

    Hmmm good o.c. reference there Max. And doesn’t that toilet look inviting…not! Golden Gate looks amazing. See you soonish.

  4. Sigrid said

    hope you’re using those cds we gave you!!

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