February 16, 2008

San Fran.

Wicked city, we finally made it into the city itself and are in a nice coffee cafe in Haight Street right now. I’m begining to look unzombie-like again as the flight from Japan to USA caused me to catch a horrible vacation tainting cold. But its sunny and nice and warm, 15-20 Degrees.

Unfortunatly cybercafes here have no USB access so no photos once again, I’m hoping to track down SOMEWHERE to upload photos SOMETIME in the next MILLION years.

in the mean time im about to head to the KidRobot store – eeeep! – its a store filled with the coolest designer toys ever, later this week a new Dunny series is released which will also be exciting. Franny is loving San Fran, especially the architechture (forgive my spelling!!) its really great, and desipte the fact that nobody is really friendly, everyone is helpful. Which is nice,

Anyway my 20min timelimit is rounding up, photos next time I hope! Kyoto, Osaka and the Shinkansen, not to mention USA are all piling up.


Max and Fran


2 Responses to “Arrrrrgh!”

  1. jamie said

    Hey Max, glad you’re over that cold. Seen George Lucas yet? And how did you find this Kidrobot store? Just put your nose to the wind and say aaahhh I smell a kidrobot store…this way. We want photos!
    Take care y’all.

  2. Annabel said

    Max – please remember that there is only a limited amount of space to put things on in your room and, as it is pretty crowded with stuff already, I think you should just avoid the Kidrobot store altogeter and give the money you would have spent on toys to the homeless that you will see in the San Francisco parks.
    Love Annabel

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