February 13, 2008

Me and Fran are Outtie!

At the airport, through our security screening, and waiting for the time to tick away until we leave Japan.


but later today – or early today – (We leave Japan at 3:45pm and arrive in Cali at 7am on the same day…eeeeek) we will be in glorious 15+Degree weather, with people who understand us and the KidRobot megastore. yeow.

The Kiosk I’m at doesnt have usb so no photos in this blog, but im sure USA will give me plenty of free time to update all the photos from the last week and a half.

Saying goodbye to Japan via Narita Airport,

Max and Fran


2 Responses to “Sayonara!!”

  1. Annabel said

    Can’t belive that your time in Japan has gone already. Seems only yesterday you arrived and you have packed so much into the days!

  2. Nami said

    Where are my friends……and babysitters???? woo woo woo moo mooo

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