Setsubun enjoyed atop a mountain

February 9, 2008


 So before heading out of Tokyo to roam the countryside/gigantic citys that span most of japans landmass, Me, Fran and the gang headed up the side of a dawnting mountainside in a shakey slippry railcar to get into the cultural grove of Japan with Setsubun.

Setsubun is a traditional holiday that is all about the begining of spring, they throw beans out of the house that symbolise the devils that will haunt you. while later that day casting beans of good fortune back into the house for the new season/year.

On the morning of, me and Franny got woken up by Thomas at our door telling us to slide the window open;

ahah, thats what we saw.


Popn down the 7/11 just for kicks


Ah the snow was amazing amazing amazing. it was like 100% powdery soft crunchy icing sugar. So we rapped up and decided to ditch the inner city celebration and head out on the train up to _____ (errrr forgot the name of the mountain)

Nami-Chan and Thomas

check out the snowbuildup on the seat

Temple gates at the bottom of the mountain

Me an Cesca out in the subzero

Everyone (Minus Suzuka) right before risking our lives

Can’t see in the photo but its on a 90 degree angle. straight up.

when we got to the top a little van took us the 15 min walk to the shrine, yus


Amazing temple in the snow.

More amazing temple

heavy snow


And then as the temple drums sung out and bells chimed there was a small procession of monks who passed into the temple to begin the ceremony, it was really ritualistic and peaceful and the chanting of the monks was really nice in the quiet snow.


monks singing and playing instruments.

the Bean throwing, the backward umbrella tactic worked a treat.








And then the ceremony quickly and quietly ended. The monks became real people and we said hi. It was nice that the ritual is a part of their REAL lives.


So straight after that we headed up the steep slippery steps on the right of the temple to the upper shrine. That was a beauty in itself. take a peak;








Then it got so cold that we had to catch a ride back down to find a fire to warm us


Names of those who contribute to the shrine lined the road down, me and Fran got put in the boot of a minivan. ek.

but we found a nice warm spot down there… (This photos for Franny.)


And that was it, the place and the celebration was great. We loved it and had the best time, the next day the weather cleared right up and we shot out of Tokyo down to Osaka.

More on that next time, but as a little foward-flash, Today, Me and Fran went to visit the Studio Ghibli Museum.

It was the most magical place, there were no photos inside so youll just have to trust me on that.

It was really small and a complete contrary to what Disneyland considers the way a studio themepark should be, this place was more like an art gallery, with rooms set up like that of the artists who created their work. It had tons of small details that made it so special. But heres a couple of shots we snapped on the roof, snnnnneeeeaaaaaky










 Catch you next time, Love, Max and Franny



5 Responses to “Setsubun enjoyed atop a mountain”

  1. Annabel said

    Wow. Looks amazing. Looks like you got some new gloves to keep your fingers warm Max. Love keeping up with the adventures.

  2. jamie said

    Some excellent photos at the temple Max. Particularly the bean throwing ceremony, capturing the movement, action really well. Nice! LLoking forward to the next chapter…

  3. Ilai said

    freaky 90degree rail!!

  4. Sigrid said

    museum jealous!!

  5. Your brother said

    Badass photo’s bro….

    I am sure some of them have been shopped though 😉

    Looking flash in that Jacket… First snow its seen…

    That is one super duper awesome robot too.

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