City that (almost) never sleeps – Remaining days in Tokyo

February 8, 2008

It feels like a lifetime ago since i updated you guys on the going on’s.

First up a little notice: My phone is officially not going to work what-so-ever over here in Japan. America will probibly be an entirely diffrent story, but the cell phones (of which i am extremely dissapointed they won’t work on Vodafone, as they are THE coolest things I have ever seen) here are all on plan and roaming in Japan takes two weeks to process…err annoying.

Second up, best way to get hold of me is via email,  if your looking to call, the chuck me an email and ill feed you the number.

Third: Hey Mum, Dad, Annabel and my friends, I’m hard out missing all you guys and even though this is amazingly amazing. I can’t wait to see you, Dad – the camera is really really cool. Thank you! Annabel shoes are keeping my toots warm in the soft snow (featured in this ep!) and Mum I wouldnt be here without your ticket help! thanks.


So back to pics and stories.

Heres a pictorial run down of the couple of days spent cruising the streets of Tokyo after our last update:

Everything looks like a toystore, but isnt.

Allyway in Shinjuku.

Arriving in Harajuku, its a sweet little-big street.

Found Wendys there…aaaaaahh tastes like home

Yum imitation food lollies – pretty.


So much to see and do in tokyo. But I still didnt find one toy shop until we hopped off the Yamanote line at the:

Akihabara Electric Town Exit







Akihabara is pretty much my Dream…

















So after all that, we spent the next few days rolling around the city at a leasurly pace. We went to an unhappy Zoo and Spent some time in the Ueno district that seemed so innocently quiet and turned out to be seemed so innocently quiet and turned out to be a bustling marketplace. look:


Ueno’s quiet station area,


about to walk into the zoo

Little shine in the zoo –

 – wish theyd put that much effort into the enclosures




Wheres the honor?

This guy reminded me of Foxy, made me miss him.

Uhh, don’t feed the aminals, I guess…

Pelican Face

Killer Crow, swooping for a small child.


So my time is up at the Cybercafe, I havent had time to proof read or update you on our trip out of tokyo or the rest of our adventure in Ueno.  They will be uploaded soooooon…

Safe in sound in tokyo again – love Max and Fran



One Response to “City that (almost) never sleeps – Remaining days in Tokyo”

  1. Annabel said

    Fox misses you as well Max

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