Shinjyuku and the Yamanote Line…

February 1, 2008

Ohiyogozaimasu all, were back quick sharp for yet another update on the status of us and our ultra exciting trip!

After we left you yesterday -EK a couple of days ago now- we had one of the most action packed, adventurous days you could imagine. We snuck away from that dingy cybercafe, (there really packed tightly over here…) grabed a bite to eat, and jumped onto the trains away from Kichijyoji.



The food was a bit of a laugh as they didnt have any pictures or understand english so I had to use my Nihongo skillz. It was delicious (Oishii Desu) and everyones super polite and helpful. I have actually been digging into any food put in front of me, Including seafood!

 Me and Fran then headed from Kichijyoji into the heart of Tokyo.

Franny at the Kichijyoji Station, stading out.

The train itself is an awesome experience, each stop has its own ringtone. The seats are heated and nobody, NOBODY says a word. No cell phones are allowed on and everyone politely sways in silience. The trains go incredibly fast. probibly over a hundread and fifty K’s per hour, but despite that they too run smoothly and silently. The sudden shake of the train as we pass by another is kind of frieghtening in the silience.

Doesn’t look it, but its super quiet.

The city on a whole, though being full of frantic activity, is really calm and quiet. There isnt any hustle and bustle at all! Its actually really nice. Cars run much quieter and only at night when people yell “Irashimase” (Welcome to our shop) out of there shop doors and music blares along with them do you feel as though your part of such a huge, overbearing city.

So back to the story of our day; Me and Fran went to an area on the Yamanote line named Nippori. The Yamanote Line is the Tokyo equivilent of the Link in Auckland. it runs for about an hour or more, to go in a large circle around the inner Tokyo city. Being on that train was great. You get to see so much of each area and how much they differ. The adverts featuring common anime characters were great, Later on that day we saw a Humougous Billboard for the anime Evangelion. -Photo coming soon!-

At Nippori me and Fran were trying to track down a large fabric store apparently close to the station. What we found was Textile street/Textile Town.


Mental fake furs.

An entire avenue of multi-storied fabric stores containing millions of diffrent fabrics. I got myself a bit of Nintendo-Animal Crossing cotton for a bag when I get back.

Animal Crossing Fabric

On the Street at Textile Town

After we had finished up in Textile Town, we jumped back onto the Yamanote and headed home via a Train change at Shinjuku.

Fran in a Slot Machine Arcade. there are tons of these.

Outside the Nippori Station

It was rush hour when we got off at Shinjuku and ourside the sun had gone compleatly. We came out of the station into Shinjuku and it was the most amazing area of neon lights, building sized TV screens and people swarming the streets.

Outside the Nippori Station

Franny after the Yamanote Train ride back into Shinjyuku (Near our local train line)


After walking up the steps out of the underground station in Shinjyuku

Signs in the sky

Perspective on them

Me in the street at Shinjyuku

Franny too

Spotting Gloomy in silver and gold.


It was cool.

We spent a big eveing in Shinjyuku and headed home after that.

The last couple of days since then have been amazing. I would have loaded them up now but these cramped smoke-filled (people smoke EVERYWHERE here) cybercafes are hell, so you will have to wait. But as a quick preview: up until what you have seen in pictures, I had not found one toy shop, Akihabara changed all that; tons of five/six/seven story toy game and dvd shops. Akihabara is Electronic town. I want to live on the streets there. I have blown a bit of money on dinky Jap toys, be@rbricks are 399 ($4) here, so its not that expensive. Also we paid a visit to the worst zoo in the world. And spent a lot of time roaming the vastness of Tokyo. Many more updates and pictures to come…

Ps. Mum, Dad, anyone interested; Tokyo is actually a really cheap place in terms of transport food and comodities. Clothes are equal if not less then in NZ and the train is cheap as chips. Meals can cost as little as 5/6 dollars each! Its great.

Anyway love from Max and Fran in Tokyo

PPS next installment coming sometime sunday before we head out of tokyo for a few days to explore the island. wooooooooo


4 Responses to “Shinjyuku and the Yamanote Line…”

  1. jamie said

    I’m loving these photos Max. Brilliant! Makes me want to go to Japan for a holiday.

  2. Annabel said

    What an adventure. Fish eating!! Can’t wait for the next installment.

  3. Felicity said

    very cool diary Max and great photos – its almost as good as being there… although we’d probably get in the way of your adventure – felicity

  4. Your brother said

    Hope you got me some good pressies matey… Hahaha
    Looks like some awsomeness going on in the Asia….

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