Paris, Tokyo

January 30, 2008

Were here.

 Me and Fran

Actually were still in Auckland in this shot. Err.



I Cant believe it, after a not-so-bad 10.5 hour flight me and fran flew down over a dark and surprisingly New Zealand-like farmland, into Tokyo, Narita Airport.

Frannyz a g33k

Frannz a G33k with the in flight Entertainment

Me too tho.


The name was actually pretty deceptive, the airport was a good 2 hours bus ride, from Tokyo city center.

We got off the plane around 4:30pm in Narita. Customs took less then ten minuets to get through which was great, and me and Franny jumped on the phone to Thomas; Our host over here, and into a bus right through the city.


Hai Mushimushi!

We were real careful to watch our bags.

It was pretty much already night and it was freezing cold. 7 degrees!

It was absolutely amazing. Better then I had even thought it was all going to be. Everything amazes me, the water running under fifty meter high motorways through the middle of the city, the vending machines on every single corner, the way that high class adverts are sold with crazy anime characters.

Franny on the sidewalk at Kichijyoji bus Station


Chilln in Kichijyoji

Me and Franny were incredibly content just waiting on the side of the road in Kochijyoji bus station for Thomas to pick us up.

Thomas and his wife Suzuka, who we are staying with are also really brilliant.  We had a delicious dinner with them, the name of which I forgot. Thomas also ran us through all the train and bus info for getting around which is great. The whole day and night was one of the best in me and Frans lives.

 Franny and Nami; Thomas and Suzukas little girl have been hanging out a bit and one night this week we are going to baby sit for them which will be fun!

Francesca outside Thomas Suzuka and Nami’s place

 Today we got up around nine, had breakie and headed out on  a bus back to Kichijyoji for a stroll round the streets.

The bus and me…


Franny and the cutie maps of Tokyo

EK! They sell tons of toys at the DAIRY! This was at 7/11

Theres been so much to see and our trip out of Tokyo is taking shape in a new way then we had planned. But me and Fran are both loving it here. Its completely non-Threatening and Its SO MUCH FUN!

Safe and sound in Tokyo.

so until next time, love from me and francesca.



5 Responses to “Paris, Tokyo”

  1. Annabel said

    Don’t buy all the toys in Tokyo Max! Looks amazing. How far out of Tokyo city centre are you staying?

  2. jamie said

    nice pics Max.

  3. janis (mum) said

    had to say mum incase u 4got, he he, see u have the Last Samurai neckchief on, came in handy rapidly, keep wearing all thru your trip. Fun photos and u both fit into the art work real well. Bloody hot here but u won’t want to know that in your chilled state. Keep up the fun and pics 4 us to travel along with u. lots of lov mum and Janis to Fran x x x x

  4. nga said

    wow looks awesome!
    cant wait to keep watching how things plan out
    xciting times!
    haha we’ll all just live thru u 🙂

  5. Sigrid said


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