Countdown and A couple of sidenotes

January 26, 2008

So I switched up the uncompromising Live Journal for – Re: Ilai’s suggestion.

Already it has a certain charm to it. Let me know what you guys think, but it seems like perfect platform for the online slide-show of my trip. Even better, it has mobile phone accessibility! Readme on the run – !


So its now only 3.75 Days (That’s 83 Hours and 25 short, sweet minuets.) until I’m off. My list of ‘To-Dos’ is steadily shrinking which is a good sign, but I still have the epic task of deciding what to wear on my entrance to Tokyo.


On a no-less self-involved note; I’m Thinking of having a day away from the city tomorrow morning (through to evening) – Driving down to Thames. Jumping off a ridiculously high rock. I’m really looking forward to it – but the planning is something that, as per usual, is proving an issue. I’ll let you know how it all goes and upload any pictures that I take down there.

Yesterday was Francesca’s Birthday, and she had a great day – her dinner party at the Genjis Local went down nicely despite a fairly awkward start, involving some abstract art with the table arrangement. There were fairly lights aplenty and guests of all ages, and a big pink cake – Feast your eyes…


Interior Design - By Max




Mingle Mingle

It was a really good time. Family, Friends, Speeches, Dirty Wineglasses and an incredible cake all made for a nice celebration. Once it was all over me and Francesca snuck away to see the steady-cam-heavy “Cloverfield”.

So without betraying any of the inescapable, monster-evasive advertising; the film is a rather fresh take on the horror genre. it is clearly constructed out of the pieces of films such as Dawn of the Dead and The Blair Witch Project.

Codename “Cloverfield” is a survival story of what happens when some sort of monster stumbles over NYC. Told on a very personal level. Me and Fran were both on the edge of our seats through most of the movie. That was the best part of it in all honesty. The climactic peaks of the film actually didn’t work so well – the mysterious monster had much more effect as a shadow in the dark. Go see it though, until I get around to seeing Sweeny Todd this is sitting at the top of my rather tame “currently showing film list”.


I also received a couple of pieces of jewelry that a friend of mine from Australia sent over. Thankfully, it arrived just in time for me to take it with me overseas. Both pieces look great and have become my fav’s. I’ll show you all what they are about in my next entry.

And that about raps it up for now.

Tune in next time for more on movies, my interests and my trip!





2 Responses to “Countdown and A couple of sidenotes”

  1. Annabel said

    Hi Max – I’m looking forward to reading about all your adventures. Hope your flight to Toky was fun. How’s your Japanese going? Getting understood.

  2. Ilai said

    Bro!! Such awesome pics! Man this is the best blog post I’ve seen in ages – love the amount of pics and the commentary.. soooo good. In fact i’ve subscribed to the blog. g3333k – I could challlenge Fran with geekyness – although clearly I’d win once I bust out the javascript html…

    just had first day of shooting! was so cool man Keisha was awesome and feeling like the cool camera guy was awesome too – i’ll post a picca of me and Keisha sometime haha…

    hope your having an awesome time man I’m super jealous looks awesome and gonna continue to be an awesome trip.

    love you heaps

    xoxo (gossip girl)

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