Check out these amazing sculptures by Dietrich Wegner’s;

Contradictory statements in the extreme, made with some serious expertise.

A kids playhouse made from an atomic mushroom cloud, atomic explosions made from soft poly-fil, and suicide bombers made into child’s dolls.

Finally some (two) real images from Wes Anderson’s new film, which I took a look at several months ago. Staring all his usual crew (ie; Josh Shawrtzman, Bill Murray, Anjelica Huston) and George Cloony.

This is going to be another definitive film, stepping outside the box of the normal blockbuster. Wes Anderson has so far, not failed to impress me. I hope this lives up to my hype.


June 30, 2009

Geeky. Its very geeky, but I found some really cool little USB keys –

Which of course are always useful, each one being able to store at least 4GB. Thats enough for a couple of movies and a handful of songs to go with them.

I have been wanting to get one of these little sticks for quick transfers when I am in a rush.

Anyway Check them out below:

Design by:AMT.

Evangelion USB – available at J-List / JBox

It has been a sad morning.

I found out two hours ago that Michael Jackson – aged 50 – legendary, revolutionary, incredible artist and inspiration has died.

watch from 3:30 onward – this is his first moonwalk.

MJ changed the world. He spread his message of self improvement with every second slamming pop chart-topper. He obviously struggled through his later years, but has left one of the most distinct imprints on the world. I personally grew up jumping to his pop, and I still pepper each of my playlists with several favorites.

See ya Michael, long live.


One of Lupes first singles from his new album. His career has been mixed for me – his first album was filled with heaps of talent, but lacked execution and plenty of the songs didn’t stick with me. His second album on the other hand was my soundtrack for last summer.

This is Lupe and Matthew Santos, again teaming up – “SuperStar” – and it is prrrrretty much amazing.

Check it out via the great music blog:


the pacific trailer.

June 23, 2009

The new series of Band of Brothers is coming up. Tom Hanks and Steven Spielburg’s war drama/re-enactment – This is very much a boy show. Girls get lost.

Looks epic…if a little cheesy. Hope its not overly biased.

This is amazing – a promo for the first series of Skins, one of my current obsessions.

This promo is only possible because of the nature of the show. Its completely rough and natural, ruthless and romantic. This promo is exactly that.   brrat brrat brrat

My twenty first was AMAZING!

I had such a great time – it was all about meeeeeeeeeeeee – but I think everyone else had a good time too! Half the fun I had setting the whole night up was doing the invites.

I wanted to make some classy, simple invites that weren’t the same as everyone elses. I spent a lot of time putting together and getting them printed right.

Much of that credit actually needs to go to Annabel Carr – Thanks for that!

Which one is your favourite?

falling in love.

June 20, 2009

Miss you this weekend Francesca.

One of the stars of the movie ‘The Hangover‘ – which I saw and really enjoyed last week – is also the star of a quite alternative version of the clip for Kanye West’s ‘Cant Tell Me Nothing’.

I found it pretty entertaining to check out the video after seeing¬†Zach Galifianakis perform as the awkward and socially inept “one man wolf pack” in Hangover. Plus the sly use of the song in the film was a cheeky little reference.